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 We’re InterQ, a San Francisco market research firm. We specialize in qualitative, quantitative, and UX research for tech and consumer companies.


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Understand your customers

Our goal at InterQ is to help you understand your customers so that you can learn how they use your products, interact with your digital touchpoints, and incorporate your brand into their lives.

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Beyond statistics and data

Your customers are more complex than Big Data and statistics suggest. Customers want to be heard, and it is only through interviewing and observation that we can truly understand why consumers make the decisions they do. Using qualitative market research, which includes methods such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, and mobile ethnographic research, we give you a full picture of your customers and clients. At the end, we deliver an actionable research insights workshop, to ensure the findings are put to use.

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Tech-Industry Market Research

InterQ specializes in market research for the tech industry and consumer companies. From the world’s largest tech brands to new startups, we cover both consumer and B2B tech products. We recruit complex titles and have deep experience in innovative and traditional technical industries, allowing us to interview intelligently and deliver impactful insights.

Qualitative Research

Numbers and data (especially Big Data) are prolific these days. But numbers can only tell you so much. They don’t give you opinions. They don’t help you understand perceptions, nuances in opinions, or habits. Qualitative research does, and it’s the foundation of our process.

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Quant Research

Along with qualitative research, we often include quantitative research. We conduct surveys with a large sample of your customers and use national databases, including MRI Simmons and social listening tools, to add statistical relevance and additional insights.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Using in-person interviews and online technology, we map each touchpoint your customers go through. Whether you’re in B2B or B2C, our process will unlock the digital and in-person journeys that lead to conversions.

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Jobs to Be Done

InterQ uses a Jobs to Be Done framework to help companies innovate and develop products that satisfy customers’ core needs better and less expensively. We use a proven methodology that combines qualitative and quantitative methods.

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