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As part of the quantitative services that InterQ offers, online surveys are a cornerstone of how we test ideas and sample an audience. We may recommend online surveys at the beginning of a project to help us with segmentation, which is the process whereby we put audiences into persona classifications so that we can effectively message to a specific profile.   Following a qualitative research project, such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, or ethnographies, we often go back and use online surveys to statistically validate the ideas and concepts refined through this process. Additionally, we may recommend online surveys to understand how an audience feels about an issue, idea, product, or brand.

The InterQ Advantage

InterQ is one of the few full-service San Francisco market research companies that offers both qualitative and quantitative research. We write surveys, analyze the data, and present the findings alongside our qualitative research. Our Head of Quantitative Research is an epidemiologist by training and applies her understanding of statistics and surveying to each project we take on. We can provide robust samples nationally and internationally for mainstream and niche audiences.

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