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In addition to providing full-custom market research services, InterQ also offers outsourced research operations. If you’re handling research internally, but you don’t know how to find the right vendors (especially for international projects), don’t want to write screeners, manage recruiting participants, write discussion guides, oversee participants, and manage data collection and transcription, you can outsource any part of your project to the InterQ team.

InterQ’s experienced team will manage any part of your research operations. We know how complicated and time consuming Research Ops are, and we have decades of experience in managing complex projects, including multi-country and cross-cultural projects.

Below is a preview of what we can manage. Contact us for more questions or to discuss how we can be a part of your team (white-labeled and efficient!).

  • Mixed-Methodology Research Management
  • Full-Service Recruiting, B2B and B2C, as well as Recruiting For Teens
  • Screeners, Discussion Guides, Transcription, Scheduling, and Report Writing
  • International Vendor Management
  • Outsourced Moderating Services
  • On-Site Hostess at Facilities

Mixed-Methodology Research Management

InterQ’s Market Research Operations manages everything from the super simple to highly complex projects. Whether you’re doing a single methodology (e.g., just UX interviews) all the way to multi-methodologies, such as mobile ethnographies, focus groups, and in-depth interviews, we can handle it all. We’re experienced with the most popular online moderating and diary/ethnography platforms, and we can consult, advise, and manage your research projects, from start to finish.

Full-Service Recruiting, B2B and B2C

InterQ excels at qualitative recruiting. If you just need to outsource your recruiting, we recruit super complex C-suite titles all the way to general population participants. We also recruit teens/Gen X, and we handle all NDA distribution and signature-management. We recruit for all methodologies (online, in-person, ethnographies). Our recruiting services are fully-custom, meaning we don’t use purchased lists: We do custom outreach, based on your unique participant segments. Our full-service recruiting services include building screeners, finding participants (with two-verification screening steps, including video screening), scheduling and managing participants, and compensating participants.

Screeners, Discussion Guides, Transcription, Scheduling, and Report Synthesis

If you have a team that simply wants to focus on moderating and using the data for insights, InterQ’s Market Research Operations team can handle all the project management and logistics for any qualitative market research project. This includes writing screeners (even if we don’t manage recruiting for you), writing discussion guides, transcription, scheduling participants, and writing reports. This frees up your team to focus on the insights and implementing the learnings internally – and saves internal teams from hours and hours of complex logistics and project management.

International Vendor Management

Do you have a project spanning multiple countries? Navigating overseas vendors (and even knowing who to work with) can be daunting. If you have projects spanning multiple countries, InterQ’s Market Research Ops team will be your single point of contact. We will find and manage overseas vendors, including translation, local field work, focus group facility management, and logistics. This frees your team up to work with just one partner at InterQ, instead of juggling multiple international vendors.

Outsourced Moderating Services

Do you have some or all of your logistics in place, but you need experienced moderators to interview participants? InterQ’s experienced moderating team can step in. We’ve moderated projects for some of the world’s most well-known brands, including Delta Air Lines, Audi, Salesforce, and Disney. Additionally, we specialize in high-tech complex moderating, including cybersecurity, sales software, and healthcare software. We also have a moderator who specializes in healthcare moderating.

On-Site Hostess at Facilities

If you need a hostess to check in participants, manage the facility team, host clients in the backroom, and oversee fieldwork, InterQ’s experienced team has worked with facilities all over the USA and the UK, and we can ensure your participants and clients are taken care of during fieldwork.

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