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InterQ is the Bay Area’s premier women-owned research agency.

We started InterQ because we’re passionate about seeing businesses not just succeed, but exceed their own financial goals. Our philosophy is that everything begins with customer insights, and the most effective way to understand customers is by conducting methodologically sound qualitative market research with actual buyers and prospects. We combine our person-to-person insights with predictive marketing analytics, Big Data, and social listening to arrive at a true picture of your customer’s wants and needs, and to help you understand the market opportunity within a larger demographic.

Our unique process can be applied to almost any customer-segment, but in particular, we focus on the six areas highlighted below:

Marketing Teams

Marketing teams are well-practiced in strategy and execution, but so often, are still marketing blind. Without person-to-person marketing research, even the most brilliantly thought-out online pay-per-click or traditional media plan will miss the mark and cost your company wasted dollars. With InterQ’s proven customer research process, you’ll see a return on your investment, starting at 20% and climbing upward. We’ll give your team the customer insights to help you formulate your brilliant strategy and execution, saving you tens of thousands of dollars going after the wrong segment or putting out branding messages that don’t resonate.

We work with in-house marketing teams, ad agencies, and online marketing experts, helping you understand your demographic so that you can then execute without hitting the wrong target or missing the message.

Brand Identity Teams

Your brand’s identity is the heart and soul of your marketing plan. What does your brand stand for? Do customers “get” it? Does your brand identity accurately reflect who your company is, the people behind your business, and the products themselves?

At InterQ, we help you understand your customer base so that you can develop a brand identity that is reflective of your company. Our marketing consultants can then guide you on a proven strategy that will grow and sustain your business by showing you how to market accurately, instead of blindly. We will work with you to develop branding messages that resonate with your customers and show you how to execute a plan that won’t waste your marketing budget.

If you are rebranding, we will do the person-to-person customer research to update your current look and feel so that it speaks to customer tastes.

Product Teams

Whether you’re an established company, or a new company, product research is crucial to market success. We will test your product ideas with customers, conduct ethnographic research so you can learn how people will interact with and use your product, and conduct research on how to position and message your product. Often how developers perceive their product will be used is not how customers use it in practice, so companies will spend unnecessary costs going down a road that won’t translate to sales. Our product research process will keep your creative development process on track.

Finance Teams

If you are a loan officer, venture capitalist, or angel investor, your loan or investment is absolutely predicated on the product being successful. Business plans and market studies aren’t reflective enough of consumer mindsets — they may show you the market potential, but without actual customer opinions, your investment is risky.

We partner with banks and investors to help you vet out potential companies before you lend or invest. Our proven qualitative person-to-person research process, combined with our predictive marketing analytics, will uncover the new business venture’s viability, helping you make confident decisions on whether to invest, ask the company to modify their product, or give you enough data to decline the project.

Startups & Entrepreneurs

If you are a startup, looking to build a company, or have a business plan and idea, you need to prove the concept viability in order to attract investment and seek partners. Traditionally, statistics and quantitative market studies form the basis of business plans.

So it’s really no surprise that 80% of companies fail within the first year.

Without actual qualitative, person-to-person customer research, the numbers and demographic studies you pull are simply not enough to prove business viability.

We will do extensive person-to-person market research for your concept, helping you validate and refine your ideas with actual buyers. Combined with numbers, your business plan will then be transformed from a “concept” into an idea that has been tested and proven with real customers. Armed with our research data, you can approach investors and take on loans by showing proven results for your business structure.

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