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If your organization is looking to pivot from being an “ideas first” organization (one that comes up with product/service ideas and hopes there is a market fit) to a “needs first” organization (one that does strategic research first to understand what customers want to be able to ultimately do with a product more effectively and at the best price), then the Jobs to Be Done framework is what you’re looking for.

The Jobs to Be Done framework is a proven qualitative and quantitative strategic set of tools and consulting that helps organizations understand (product/service agnostic) the core “job” that customers are trying to accomplish when using a product or service. It is a transformational methodology that helps companies develop tools and services that actually solve a customer pain point, quickly and cost effectively, because it is based on interview-based research with customers who are trying to solve a problem or perform a task (or enjoy an experience), combined with quantitative research.

In addition to giving illuminating insights into product creation, the Jobs to Be Done framework also identifies weaknesses/strengths in the competitive set, helps uncover key innovation needs, identifies the key customers to target the product/service to, and creates a roadmap for marketing and selling products.

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