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Millennials are now the largest demographic in the U.S. As of 2016, 75 million are living in the U.S. Their annual spending is an estimated $300 billion, and they’re estimated to be 50% of the workforce by 2020.

If you’re a start-up, expanding business or run a nonprofit, you simply have to pay attention to the Millennial age group. Their media consumption patterns, spending habits, and career choices are unlike any other demographic. Companies who are not yet marketing to millennials are quickly learning that failing to reflect their workforce cultures, products, and services accordingly, results in losing share to those paying attention. Brands that once held high prestige are learning that Millennials look at them as being out-of-touch with their generation’s concerns.

At InterQ Research, we specialize in Millennial market research.

With headquarters in Silicon Valley, we’re on the pulse of what’s going on, demographically, socially, and economically with the Millennial generation. We frequently test out new technologies, mobile apps, and brands who are marketing to Millennials, both in the Bay Area and around the country. Through these conversations, we’ve identified key patterns and trends around Millennial demographics that have been transformational to the companies that we’ve partnered with. We leverage qualitative focus groups along with leading quantitative databases, which identify the latest statistical trends nationwide. InterQ helps determine the viability of your key business imperatives in any new market.

If you’re already aware of how crucial the Millennial demographic is to your business but wondering how to take the first step – start with market research. We’ll develop a custom Millennial market research study for you, tailored to your specific product, service or app, and test it with Millennial consumers. We use leading technology that Millennials feel comfortable with, including mobile ethnographies, allowing us to get in-the-moment insights from Millennials we talk to. Your business simply cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities within the Millennial market.

Trust InterQ to be your market research partner.

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