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At InterQ, one of the tools we use – and that we believe is absolutely fundamental – is the customer journey map. Our process uses qualitative market research and observational tracking with your customers to understand how they interact with your company. From initial contact, to engaging with your different channels, to contacting support, we help you understand the process that customers go through when they engage with your website, in your store, or through your contact support channels.

Customer journey maps tell the story of the customer experience, and they identify key interactions that your customers have with your organization. By going through the process of customer journey mapping, you’ll be able to understand where customers get frustrated as they’re trying to make a purchase or contact support – and you’ll learn how they navigate while they shop or engage with your products.

How InterQ’s customer journey mapping process is different

There are many customer journey mapping services out there these days, and a lot of them rely on online tools that pinpoint where customers land. However, without in-person observation and conversations with customers, even the most advanced technology may miss crucial gaps in the customer journey process.

At InterQ, because we’re qualitative research specialists, we take a different approach: We do real-time observation and substantive interviews with your actual customers so that we can understand their journey. Using a mix of online tools and with in-person interaction, we carefully chart out how customers find your brand, make purchasing decisions, contact support, and work with various departments. We tailor each customer journey map project based on your unique product framework.

We believe that qualitative research is the most effective and powerful tool there is for authentic customer journey maps. Once we create a map for you, you’ll have the knowledge to structure your website flow, department makeup, and device interactions so that customers will be able to move through the purchasing and support process naturally and intuitively, without getting stuck, frustrated, or abandoning the process. You’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention as you restructure processes according to real-life customer journeys.

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