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Ethnographic research is the best consumer research method if you’re trying to understand how people use a product in practice, how they shop, or if you want to learn about their routines at home or work. We use the latest technology, including phone apps and online qualitative tools, to help us capture people’s behavior in the home or office, or we may design a study with field observation. With online tools, participants can write notes about their routines, send us pictures, capture their impressions in online diaries, and record their routines. When we use field observation, we’ll work directly with participants in their homes, offices, or in stores where they shop.

In ethnographic research, we can uncover insights that participants may not have thought to share in a focus group or in-depth interview format; through observation, we can see how they use a product or service in practice, which offers a wealth of information that can influence new product development or help improve an existing product or service. Depending on your project specifications, we may develop a blended approach, with online ethnographic tools and field observation, and combine it with more in-depth questioning through focus groups or in-depth interviews.