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The heart of a qualitative research study is the participants who are involved in the process. In qualitative research recruiting, we use smaller sample sizes, because the focus is on the insights – the conversation and the information we glean through talking. Surveys limit us to closed-ended responses, which are predefined by the written choices; in qualitative research, we explore. We seek to learn, and through this process, we often arrive at nuggets of information that we hadn’t anticipated. With smaller sample sizes, the focus is ensuring that we get a homogenous, accurate sample of respondents. This is where qualitative research recruiting becomes absolutely paramount; we need to ensure that we have a sample set of participants who are specific to the product or service being offered.

Specificity matters

Let’s highlight this crucial point with an example; Mothers who have children between the ages of 1-3 and a household income between $75k and $100k. Another example might look like, Medical doctors who work exclusively with heart failure patients at private hospitals. Qualitative research recruiting, in other words, is highly specific. In addition to being very specific, in qualitative research recruiting, we’re looking for candidates who do not regularly take part in research studies, who are articulate, and who are willing to share information, brainstorm, and think outside-of-the-box.

Standards matter

At InterQ, we pride ourselves on the quality of recruits that we’re able to source. We have tackled incredibly complex, niche recruits – ranging from very specific medical conditions to C-suite executives in highly specialized roles. The quality of our recruiting is one of the key tools we use to extract exceptional research insights for our clients. We recruit nationwide and globally. If you are looking for qualitative research recruiting for a project you are running, we offer la carte recruiting services. All of our full-service qualitative research projects include our own recruiting services.

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