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At InterQ, we’re a big fan of focus groups, and it’s one of the qualitative research methodologies we frequently employ. Focus groups are best suited to studies that are looking for creative feedback, brainstorming, new idea generation, and messaging/campaign impressions. When companies are developing a new product, tweaking an existing one, or coming out with a new campaign, we typically recommend focus groups.

We work closely with your team to develop the focus group questions, and then we’ll carefully recruit participants, arrange the facility location, and moderate the groups. Focus groups generally last 2-3 hours, depending on the subject matter. We devote one half of the groups to projective techniques – this is where we get beneath the surface, have fun with participants, and tap into their deeper decision making processes. By using projective techniques, we’re able to understand how people are motivated, even when they can’t specifically articulate their reasons for their brand and product preferences. The second part of the groups focuses specifically on the focus group questions, which we develop with you, our client, in our meetings together.

Focus groups allow us to do observational research, ask a wide-variety of questions about your brand and products, and are an ideal method to get feedback on creative concepts.