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Research reports are thick with insights, knowledge, quotes, and detailed data, captured from qualitative and quantitative research.

However, the problem is that many people never read – or put to use – all of the fantastic nuggets packed in a thick-research report.

At InterQ, we want to ensure that our research insights are highly actionable, collaborative, and above all, transformative for teams.

To ensure our research findings are put to use, and used across teams (sales, marketing, product, leadership), we use a collaborative workshop approach when we present our research.

Using online collaboration tools, which include interactive boards and digital post-it notes, we involve the whole client team in the presentation of our insights.

We still deliver a full report. (Because there are those who enjoy reading them, and we want to be thorough in our findings.) But we then take the report’s key insights and transform these into a group workshop session. InterQ’s team shows the key insights, and collaboratively, we ask the client team to collectively brainstorm the best way to transform the product, marketing, and sales so that the insights are baked into how business is done moving forward.

Finally, we leave our clients with a handy-infographic takeaway that summarizes the key findings and to-do changes that the group decided on so that everyone can pin up the research findings (by their desk, of course) for an easy reference-document.

This approach results in research that works for your teams, instead of us just handing off a report that will get shoved into a file and forgotten about.

Curious about our process? Request a proposal and let’s chat more about our workshop approach!