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White Label Research Partner

At InterQ, we often partner with ad agencies and digital agencies as their research partner. We typically work white labeled, meaning we can fold easily into an agency’s brand, though sometimes we are a named partner. Bringing in a third-party research agency is a great option for small and medium-sized shops (or large agencies who need additional support), as it takes the pressure off of the time, resources, and specialization that are required for high-quality, full-service market research services. In fact, a typical project requires 50-200+ hours of specialty research work, which many agencies simply don’t have the time or talent to spare.

When should you bring in a third-party research agency?

If your agency is looking to get customer insights around branding, ad testing, PR, or user experience research on product design, definitely build in research to your proposals. Creating campaigns with direct customer ideas ensures more accurate, targeted messages. And if you’re a design shop, using design thinking principles leads to more sticky and usable products. InterQ specializes in qualitative and quantitative research, and we often add in social listening as an additional segmentation layer.

Why InterQ?

InterQ’s team started out in large ad agencies, so we uniquely understand the challenges associated with complex media, advertising, and digital product creation. We seamlessly fold into your team, working as a true partner. And, because we only specialize in research, we have a full team equipped for research: this includes recruiting (even very hard-to-find segments, since we do custom qualitative recruiting); developing discussion guides; workshops; research design; moderating interviews; and report creation.

Save money, save time. Hire third-party research partners for your next project

Consumers are extremely demanding, and competition is stiff: you simply can’t afford not to conduct research, but hiring a full team of researchers can be prohibitively expensive. Save time, costs, and management by outsourcing your qualitative and quantitative research needs to a trusted partner.

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