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School is starting up again, and it’s tough for those who are having to teach and learn remotely. If you teach in the social sciences – including psychology and sociology – or if you’re instructing marketing or business courses with a market research component, you’re likely searching out resources to share with your students.

At InterQ Research, we’re passionate about sharing our craft, hiring university interns, and nurturing new talent. The future of our field is predicated on nurturing aspiring researchers and inspiring students to pursue a career in market research.

So for all of the educators out there – or students – we’re pleased to offer a guide on some of our most popular resources explaining the ins and outs of market research. Feel free to pass these articles along, cite them in your papers, or use them as handouts for your classrooms.

Good luck in the classroom this semester!

Choosing a market research method

To start off – should you employ qualitative or quantitative research? Here are some articles to help you decide.

Which research method is best

What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research?

Focus groups vs. in-depth interviews

What is ethnographic research?

Qualitative research resources for educators

If you’re teaching or learning about qualitative research, here are some of our most popular articles.

How many people should be in a focus group?

Difference between in-depth interviews, dyads and triads

Sample size for qualitative research

How to analyze qualitative research

Quantitative research resources for educators

Here is a list of articles you may find helpful if you’re teaching/learning quantitative methods for market research.

How to create surveys

How to use surveys to improve focus groups