Your customers are more complex than Big Data and statistics suggest.

Our goal at InterQ is to help you understand your customers so that you can refine your product concept testing, create branding messages that accurately speak to your audience, and develop a marketing plan that leads to real conversions.

We understand that identifying and removing blind spots can provide transformative opportunities in your business. Our guiding principle is that your customers know best, so we help you identify their needs by conducting qualitative market research, which includes methods such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnographic research. When we combine our qualitative insights with statistics and predictive marketing analytics, you’ll gain a true picture of who your customers are and what they’re looking for.

Qualitative Research

Numbers and data (especially Big Data) are prolific these days. But numbers can only tell you so much. They don’t give you opinions. They don’t help you understand perceptions, nuances in opinions, or habits. Qualitative research does.
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Quantitative Research

As a supplement to qualitative research, we often include quantitative research. We conduct surveys with a large sample of your customers and/or the overall marketplace. Applying statistical analysis, we help you make sense of the numbers.
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Marketing Consulting

Once our research has identified who your customers are and what they’re looking for, we offer brand identity, copywriting, and online marketing consulting services to ensure you grow your business and don't waste money on misguided strategy.
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Recent Clients

Working with InterQ gave us incredibly useful information on how our product is being perceived by our target audience, and helped us to better direct our marketing strategy and product definition. Working with InterQ was always a great pleasure. I can’t recommend InterQ enough!

- ViMi Technologies, Israel

The InterQ team is fast, responsive, and effective. We can always count on them for research participants who go beyond the expected and help us challenge our thinking.

- Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures

We’ve worked with InterQ on two research projects. They did phenomenal, thoughtful work on both. On one project, the research uncovered two insights that enabled us to overcome objections to a new product. We look forward to working with InterQ again.

- Castlight Health

The team at InterQ are a pleasure to work with. They’re professional, timely, and work hard to deliver exactly what we need.

- SurveyMonkey

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