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Healthcare market research is a highly specialized field within the worlds of qualitative and quantitative market research. It requires specialized recruiting, knowledge of the topic at-hand, and experienced researchers who understand complex medical terms, products, and services.

At InterQ, we partner with the world’s leading consulting companies and brands to manage their healthcare market research projects. Whether it’s managing multifaceted recruiting projects for ethnographic and qualitative research or customized qualitative and quantitative studies that we create and manage, we have developed a reputation for unmatched healthcare market research services.

Some of our past projects include work on the following topics:

  • Healthcare technology: Working with cutting-edge Silicon Valley companies who are in the healthcare technology space, we designed qualitative and quantitative studies to help them explore new product concepts, technology that engages employees in wellness, and technology to improve visibility into insurance costs. Through combinations of focus groups, surveys, and proprietary database research, we delivered insights that transformed their product development process, branding, and UX/UI design
  • Medical devices: In addition to healthcare technology, we’ve created customized research projects to test out new medical devices. Partnering with global companies based in China and Israel, we designed studies that included focus groups, custom surveys, and proprietary database research. Our insights helped the companies navigate the complex mental landscape that patients go through, and our work led to breakthroughs that influenced product design, branding, and competitive positioning.
  • Healthcare insurance: The world of healthcare insurance, medical benefits, Medicare, and supplemental plans is one of the most complex topics in the healthcare space. We’ve partnered with the world’s largest consulting firm to deliver qualitative research participants and tools that helped them piece together and improve how insurance is consumed and delivered. Additionally, we’ve done work with technology companies that are seeking to enhance how people use their benefits and understand the costs.

If your company is in the healthcare space, InterQ will work closely with your team to develop a specialized, custom study that will inform your product development process, branding, positioning, and give you real-world views into how people actually use and benefit from your medical devices. Contact us today to learn more.

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