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February 22, 2016, San Francisco, CA: InterQ Research has hired Andrew Barnes as the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Client Engagement. In his role as COO and Head of Client Engagement, Barnes will oversee client relationships, business development, and operations.

“Here in Silicon Valley where you have a perfect storm of innovation and disruption, InterQ offers an opportunity to bring insights to what is typically a quantitative process for many of these companies that are so data-heavy, said Barnes. “The exponential value of combining InterQ’s qualitative process is phenomenal. Bringing my background from other industries and being solution-driven for so long, lends itself well to this role. I can understand what clients want because I’ve been on both sides of the fence. It’s a fascinating business, and I get to be part of a really pivotal time in shaping this company’s direction.”

Barnes joins InterQ after a track record of success in global account management, market development, partnerships, and marketing. He’s worked in industries spanning financial technology (FinTech), to media, mobile, clean energy, and commercial real estate.

“Having Andrew on our team is an amazing benefit for our clients and for the growth of this company,” said Joanna Jones, CEO and Head of Research at InterQ. “His background developing strategic partnerships gives us a deeper understanding of our clients’ business needs, which translates into how we design studies, and ultimately, partner with our clients to deliver game-changing insights.”


About InterQ Research:

InterQ Research is a full-service market research firm with offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The company specializes in designing research studies for product concept testing, new business territories, B2B channel research, advertising concept testing, strategic branding, and internal company re-organization ventures. InterQ uses the latest qualitative and quantitative techniques, including in-person and virtual focus groups, UX testing, in-depth interviews, mobile interviews, and ethnographic research.

InterQ brings a knowledgeable team, with a combined 50 years of experience in advertising agencies, operations, and traditional qualitative research. InterQ stands out from traditional market research agencies: They bring a team that understands branding, messaging, and go-to-business strategies, and they combine this acumen with foundational qualitative research methodologies. To learn more, visit