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Two powerhouses in market research and pricing consulting join forces

San Francisco, CA, November 20, 2017: InterQ Research, Silicon Valley’s leading full-service market research firm, and Pricing Innovations, a Minneapolis-based leader in pricing consulting, have announced a partnership. By combining consulting capabilities, the two firms are now able to offer their clients both aspects of pricing consulting: Qualitative and quantitative insights.

For companies in the software space, healthcare, emerging technologies, or consumer products, InterQ and Pricing Innovations offer a full-suite of products, tools, and consulting to help companies understand how to price their products and services.

By using sophisticated, proprietary modeling, including The Pricing Canvas™, Pricing Innovations guides companies into the specific price ranges that will drive profitability, while keeping them competitive. Pricing Innovations uses tools that include Rapid Pricing Assessments®, workshops, and in-depth consulting that helps companies optimize their monetization strategies.

Once the pricing strategy and structures are identified, InterQ conducts testing and validation research to understand whether the perceived market value is aligned with the products’ value proposition and are within the target pricing window(s) when compared to other products.

“Oftentimes, companies will come up with pricing that may fit their monetization needs, but their different customers benefit from their products differently and therefore display a wide spectrum of willingness to pay.” says Joanna Jones, Head of Research at InterQ. “By applying our qualitative insights to the pricing strategy and structure that Pricing Innovations sets, we’re able to refine the process, so that we can ensure that the pricing strategy is well aligned with the monetization opportunity.”

Clients of Pricing Innovations will be able to choose from a full suite of products offered by Pricing Innovations and InterQ, and InterQ clients who are testing pricing can now benefit from Pricing Innovations’ comprehensive consulting services – all without having to shop these services out separately.

For more information about InterQ Research, please visit: To learn more about Pricing Innovations, please visit:


About InterQ Research
InterQ Research is a full-service market research firm with offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The company specializes in designing research studies for product concept testing, new business territories, B2B channel research, advertising concept testing, strategic branding, and internal company re-organization ventures. InterQ uses the latest qualitative and quantitative techniques, including in-person and virtual focus groups, UX testing, in-depth interviews, mobile interviews, and ethnographic research.

InterQ brings a knowledgeable team, with a combined 50 years of experience in advertising agencies, operations, and traditional qualitative research. InterQ stands out from traditional market research agencies: They bring a team that understands branding, messaging, and go-to-business strategies, and they combine this acumen with foundational qualitative research methodologies.


About Pricing Innovations
Pricing Innovations is a product consultancy focusing on pricing and monetization of technology products headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. The company specializes in driving revenue and profits by implementing innovations in pricing and monetization strategy. Pricing Innovations is also the force behind the Pricing Canvas ™ which they launched in Feb 2017. They offer Rapid Pricing Assessments ®, monetization coaching, and pricing-as-a-service to teams from start-ups to global multi-nationals.

Pricing Innovations team brings a combined 30 years of experience in product development, management, marketing, and quantitative research. The company is known for going beyond pricing recommendations and transforming the revenue and profit models of their clients as a source of innovation itself. They bring a team who has launched technology products successfully and implemented end-to-end go-to-market strategies for more than 20 years.