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This week’s blog is a bit different from most — instead of us just talking about research studies, types of qualitative research, and topics on methodologies, we thought we’d turn the table a bit and give you a chance to ask US questions.

See, we get a lot of inquiries in our forms about sample sizes (please read this blog if you’re curious on your number for qualitative research sample sizes) — but also a lot of inquiries about study set up, methodologies, social listening, and tips and tricks to do fantastic research.

If you work in research or marketing — or if you’re a student, send us your question in our Request a Proposal form, and we’ll get back to you. Be sure to include your email address.

Please only send in serious questions for actual projects, and if it is a sample size question, kindly refer to our blog on sample sizes, which spells out sample sizes for qualitative.

Finally, if you’re interested in qualitative research training, check out our sister company, InterQ Learning Labs, which offers qualitative research training!

Happy researching!