Qualitative Research

At InterQ, we create a research methodology based on the questions you want answered. Our methods include focus groups, in-depth interviews (either in-person or on the phone), ethnographic research, and online panel discussions. We pair our research with the most advanced technology, including mobile ethnographies, social media listening, and mobile diaries. In all of our study designs, we go beyond the surface to what people actually say by using projective techniques and creative exercises that tap into something deeper than what people tell us.

Our process begins by having a conversation with you. We talk about your business challenges, but more importantly, your opportunities. We probe. We examine what’s going on in the wider marketplace and seek to pinpoint what you’re looking for. From there, we design a research methodology that will answer your specific question(s). We don’t apply an off-the-shelf tactic, nor give you a canned solution. Instead, we tailor a research design that will transform how you market, message, and develop your products. We talk to your staff and sales team. We do follow-up questions with your clients and prospects. We will iterate as we go if we determine that the “question” we thought we were originally answering is actually something very different from our original hypothesis. And finally, we deliver a comprehensive report that details our findings and provides actionable strategy to help you move forward.

Quantitative Research

As a supplement to qualitative research (or as a standalone, depending on your project needs), we conduct quantitative research, which uses larger samples sizes and applies statistical techniques to draw meaningful conclusions and gain deep insights from your data. We use real-world data to uncover patterns in customer behavior. Our quantitative team will develop a program to extract your current data, and in combination, we’ll pull from broader databases, send out surveys, and run statistical analysis.

When we create quantitative surveys for you, our team writes the questions based on the business need that we’re working to solve. The questions may be multiple-choice, Likert scale, or yes/no. If you already have data gathered, we will create the code to analyze it. When used in conjunction with qualitative research, survey data paints a broader picture about consumer patterns.

Marketing Consulting

Time and time again, we’ve seen companies develop brilliant online marketing plans and traditional media marketing campaigns — only to have them fail. They have the execution and process, but their perception of the customer is inaccurate. Our approach, and the core of what we do, is to start with the customer. Our qualitative and quantitative research process gives you an accurate understanding of customer needs. Once you have this component, you’ll be able to create marketing plans — both online and traditional — that actually work. Without the customer component, you’re simply marketing blind, spending unnecessary money, and speaking to the wrong customer type.

Our marketing consulting services begin after we’ve completed the research process. Our goal is to ensure that your insights are translated to strategic steps that lead to customer conversions and increased sales. We will either work directly with you as an advisor, or we will offer third-party neutral opinions to your ad agency’s plans. Our goal is to see your business succeed, so our process goes beyond our research — our experienced marketing professionals will stay with you, helping to guide your business to long-term profitability and growth.

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