Why We Don’t Let Clients “Behind the Glass”

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If you’ve ever observed focus groups (or watched enough TV), you’re familiar with the one-way mirror design. Here’s how focus group facilities traditionally look: A large conference room, with a big rectangular table. A giant one-way glass mirror covering one wall. The clients (or stakeholders) sit behind the glass and observe what people say. Now,… Read more »

The Essential Business Questions

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Our guest post is written by our intern, Quinn Underwood. As Big Data has become bigger, both in size, scope, and complexity, it is imperative that businesses develop strategies to identify priority information in and amongst ever-increasing datasets. As market researchers, it’s our job to make Big Data palatable. We do this through understanding what… Read more »

How Our Egos Get in the Way of Doing Market Research

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Okay, so pardon this very “psychology-heavy” post. In market research, we are all about learning how people think, what motivates them, how memory plays into brand recall, and how perception works. We’re people researchers, so psychology theories are a central part of how we conduct research. I’ll spare you some of the more academic/theoretical musings… Read more »

Customer Journey Mapping in B2B

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As companies seek to understand the gaps, barriers, and processes that customers experience in navigating websites, seeking customer support, or making an in-store purchase, customer journey mapping is increasing in popularity in B2C environments. However, we aren’t seeing these trends in business environments. This is puzzling, because business environments are complex! Before a sale occurs,… Read more »

Ideal Sample Size in Qualitative Research

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When beginning research with new clients, the questions that top their lists are often: is there an ideal sample size in qualitative research? If so, what is it? This question is important! Size matters, albeit in a different manner than in quantitative research, where numbers are attached to statistical significance. Keep reading to explore the… Read more »

What You Don’t Know About Millennials Could Hurt You

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Millennials. If you’re in marketing, design, tech, or really, any industry that is fighting for wallet share, Millennials, and their influencing power, are likely top-of-mind. Millennials, as we’ve reported before, have eclipsed Baby Boomers as the largest age group demographic in the U.S. While their spending power has yet to catch up to Gen X… Read more »